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Healthier Foods and Drinks!
Enhance Taste, Energy and Health of Foods!
The Energy Stone Cooking Ring is designed to be used to. enhance the taste and health of a wide variety of prepared
foods and drinks.

Energy Stone Cooking Ring will infuse foods such as rice, sauces, cakes, pies, hot drinks, soups, etc. with healthy far-infrared energy and negative ions.

Using the
Cooking Ring while preparing foods will also extend
the shelf life of foods, delaying the spoilage and maintaining freshness over a longer period of time,

When the
Energy Stone Cooking Ring is used when cooking or heating foods and drinks, the heat activates the natural far-infrared energy which radiates into cooked ingredients. Negative ions are also generated.

Features:    3.5" wide ceramic ring
                    Non-stick - hand wash with water and soap
                    Semi-permanent; effective for 20+ years

Energy Stone Cooking Ring Uses:
Rice: As seen in the photo, just place the Cooking Ring in the.
rice cooker or pot/pan. Thermal effect on water will impart more plumpness to rice. Rice is energized with health far-infrared energy. Natural anti-bacteria qualities extend storage life. Prevents bad odor and yellowing of rice. Rice will taste delicious cold too.

Soups and Stews: When preparing a soup or stew, place the Cooking Ring at the bottom of the pot during the cooking time.

Bowl of Soup: Place Cooking Ring in soup bowl and put heated soup over it. You may also preheat Cooking Ring in hot water for a few minutes before place it into bowl. This is will begin activating the Cooking Ring as the soup is warming up.

Cake, Pie, Casseroles, etc.: Cooking Ring may be place at the bottom of cooking pan during baking.

Teas and Hot Drinks: Cooking ring can be placed in the water used to prepare drinks or in cups that  wlll accommodate the width (3.5") of the Cooking Ring.

Roasting Turkey, Chicken and Meats: The Energy Stone Cooking Ring can be placed inside a whole Turkey or Chicken before baking. This will infuse the meat with healthy far-infrared energy and impart into them the health qualities of the Super Growth Energy Stone.
Energy Stone Cooking Ring* -    $149.00

*The Energy Stone Ceramic Cooking Ring has a semi-permanent energy quality, and will deliver 20+ years of service.
SGE - Energy Stone Cooking Ring
         UNCOOKED                  AFTER COOKING