A Far-Infrared Ray Emitting Stone (SGES)
to Treat Cancer and Degenerative Diseases

By Professor Serge Jurasunas, Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, June 2000 .
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                                                                              The Japanese phrase "Tenko-seki" literally means "The stone that
                                                                              fell from heaven", [or 'heaven descending stone']. It emits a far
                                                                              infrared ray which has been shown to be one of the most effective
                                                                              treatments for cancer. Since it is in essence a "super growth ray-
                                                                              emitting stone" we call it SGES. The stone was discovered in a
                                                                              mine on Kyushu Island, Japan. The far-infrared ray has a
                                                                              wavelength of 4 to 14 microns and is called "growth ray" because
                                                                              it energizes growth in humans, animals and plants.
                                                                              There have been remarkable advances in quantum physics and
                                                                              quantum medicine. Far-infrared rays have been successfully studied, analyzed and their results documented. Among several studies, those of 4 to 14 micron wavelength demonstrated remarkable efficacy in treating various diseases, and thus are a part of quantum medicine.

For years, just how the [Super Growth Energy Stone] rays worked was a mystery, but we know that the functional mechanism of electromagnetic far-infrared rays is their ability to shorten the cluster (chain) of polluted water. By shortening the long chain of water, gaseous polluting substances such as C12, CO, C02, S02, contained in the long chain of water, are expelled into air, while heavy metals such as Hg, Cr, etc. precipitate to the bottom. By cutting short molecular chains, the rays increase specific gravity and hence water adherence to cell surfaces, and increase specific gravity and thus the adherence of water to the cell surface. It is the mechanism whereby food is kept fresh, health is activated and diseases are cured. Such rays are used industrially to clean polluted water and to keep fruits and vegetables fresh during transportation.

SGES is Active at the Cellular Level - the Body's Ultimate Defense System.

                                                                                              Each cell represents a fortress, out bodyís last barrier
                                                                                              against invaders. But cells need to be activated in order
                                                                                              to function properly. The first step in cellular activation
                                                                                              is the entry of CA2+ into the cell membrane, which is
                                                                                              subjected to the structure and type of water that exists
                                                                                              in the surrounding cells of human beings. Water with
                                                                                              small molecular groups is easily absorbed by cells and
                                                                                              carries with it high flow of calcium. By penetrating the
                                                                                              cell CA2+ connects with calmodulin which makes
                                                                                              enzymes such as methyltransferase and phospholipase
                                                                                              A2 and C2 active and then results in a production of
                                                                                              very small  amounts of unsaturated fatty acid and lipid
                                                                                              peroxide thus giving rise to a reaction call the Arachidonic

                                                                                              SGES also provides significant results in rheumatoid arthritis, particularly in patients previously treated with steroids. Oral treatment and SGES "sand baths" revealed strong evidence of the inhibition of lipid peroxides.

Eighty-five cases of RA [rheumatoid arthritis] patients who were administered SGES oral treatment and SGES baths clearly exhibited anti-inflammatory reactions. Significant improvement included morning stiffness, join pain and lower back pain.

The SGES Ceramic Sand Bath

The original "sand bath" therapy consists of using the stones which is processed into small balls. This process permits
a high concentration through the use of a special kind of adhesive, called "ceramic ball". The bath is call "ceramic sand
                                                       bath" (CSB). This way infrared rays emitting from each ball are in close contact
                                                       with each other and their power is considerably increased for the curative process.
                                                       process. This is why CSB application is also very efficient in reducing tumors.

                                                       in a special health spa, large tubs are filled with a ton [2,000 lbs] of ceramic balls.
                                                       The patient is immersed in them up to his neck. The balls are heated to high
                                                       temperatures to increase the energy of the far-infrared rays hence the term
                                                       "ceramic sand bath" or ESB, which considerably increases patient energy levels. Because of the considerable difficulty of equipping clinics with this system (even though it can be done), we developed a regular bath from finely ground SGES (Energy Sand Bath) that can be mixed with bath salts and used in clinics or by patients at home.
                                                                                                      The same process, although possibly producing less
                                                                                                      expulsion of toxins, is carried out just as the regular
                                                                                                      ESB is for patients suffering from chronic diseases,
                                                                                                      constipation and obesity. After removing the water,
                                                                                                      the inside tubs are covered with dark (toxic)
                                                                                                      substances. It is surprising how many toxins are
                                                                                                      expelled by a cancer patient in just one bath, clearly
                                                                                                      demonstrating the toxemia link to cancer.

                                                                                                      By producing high energy levels the ESB (Energy
                                                                                                      Sand Bath) probably affects the cancer cell
                                                                                                      membrane through an electromagnetic field, thus
                                                                                                      slowing its growth.

                                                                                                      After our own tests, the SGES powder exhibits high
                                                                                                      radioactivity (measured angstroms "A"), which may
                                                                                                      also explain why patients feel stronger. Every form of
                                                                                                       life is a vibration, emitting waves or radiation. In
                                                                                                       France Andre Simoneton elaborated this new
                                                                                                       "radiation", called radiovitality, classified and based
                                                                                                       on the waves emitted from the living tissues, and
                                                                                                       which determines the vitality of foods (0-10000

                                                                                                       Several French professors and researcher such as Professor Yves Rocard gave us the scientific basis for angstroms and our understanding of electronic fields. We know that human tissues produce radionic waves that in a healthy person are about 8500-7000 A; with poor vitality near 6300 A; while diseases are below 6300 A, and cancer is above 4200 A.

SGES powder mixed in hot water has a radiovitality of 11,936 A at 37C [98F] and 12,312 A at 40C [104F]. Now we understand why the ESB significantly raises body energy.

Since the ESB [energy sand bath] eliminates toxins and toxic metals from the body and liver, it assists the immune system and also energizes healthy cells. Restoring normal liver detoxification functions may help to normalize redox and can have an important regulatory effect on neuroendocrine functions.

It is evident that ESB modifies the biological terrain by balancing pH since it detoxifies the body, activates kidney function and lowers stress while improving oxido-reduction. This is another reason why patients recover faster and indicates how the bath influences the course of the disease.

Experiments conducted by the Kyushu University Medical School (Japan) showed that the bath caused the excretion of dioxin and other toxic substances - including PCDD, PCBs and mercury, from the blood and skin of 32 volunteers.

Experiments also showed that lipids were removed. The high level of toxins expelled from the skin reflects the deep detoxification ability of ESB [energy sand bath]. Other Kyushu University experiments measured blood flow increases after taking CSB. Doppler Ultrasonography was used to measure blood flow after 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. The significant increase in blood flow continues after 5 minutes and is strikingly increased at 30 and 60.

The experiments showed improvements in blood flow in cases of ovarian cancer, rheumatism, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic thoracic neuritis. Other experiments involving thermography showed an increase in blood flow after 10, 15, 30, 40, and 50 minutes.

The Effect of SGES on Tumor Cells
"In one experiment, three kinds of cancer cells - leukemia cell lines HL60, MLT and K562 were place in test tubes while immersed in SGES made into a fine powder. The leukemic cells were chosen based on degrees of cellular malignancy to observe how each one might react with SGES: Low-degree malignancy;  High-degree malignancy;  Highest-degree malignancy

The results are most interesting as shown in the diagram, in which slight increases of CA2+ are seen with the low-malignancy HL60 cells. Compared to normal human leukocytes, the calcium increase was much smaller.

Influences of SGES mineral on Leukemic cells .
                                    and calcium ion in normal human neutrophil.


Surprisingly, the more malignant the cell, the less calcium is absorbed, so the influx of CA2+ decreases. Such results indicate Tenko-sekiís ability to simulate the entry of CA+2 into normal cells while also blocking the entry of calcium ion into highly malignant leukemic cells. Tenko-seki also strongly inhibits lipid peroxidation.

Thus, Tenko-seki activates healthy cells but inhibits cancer cells, and could be a most effective cancer treatment - the very opposite of conventional therapy, which damages healthy cells.

Administration of SGE for Cancer Patients

The easiest way is the concentration powder form which can be used in a regular tub with hot water at temperatures of 36-40C (97-104F) using around 40-50g  [3 level tablespoons] of the mixture (mineral salts). We call it the Energy Sand Bath.

Time of immersion: 30/40 minutes. The bath provokes copious perspiration and the patient should have a cool towel to dry his/her face while in the bathtub. After the bath, the patient is wrapped in a bathrobe and lies down for about 20 minutes while continuing to perspire heavily. It is necessary to take a shower in order to remove toxins from the skin. The patient is relaxed and feels vigorous an hour later. Usually my patient take 3 baths weekly to detoxify, balance the nervous system and increase energy levels.

For cancer patients ESB [Energy Sand Bath] can be prescribed from 4-5 times weekly to twice a day, preferably in a competent clinical setting. In some cased such as lymphoma and breast cancer it can be done twice a day. At home it is best to take one [bath] a day unless the patient has a caregiver close at hand. A protocol of twice a day is the most effective way to reduce a tumor.

Hence, the [SGES] bath - by increasing energy levels and detoxifying - improves brain function and is useful in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, CFS and against all types of tumors. Since it detoxifies lymphatic tissues, relieves the nervous system and improves brain function (as proved by measurements with the
Vega DFM 722) the bath positively impacts on female breast cancer patients who have low energy and stress.


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0.025<P<0.05 vs. control      a.  0.01<P<0.025     b. P<0.01     c. P<0.001
0 min.' shows [Ca2+] (amount of calcium ion) in respective cells before the
test tubes containing each cells were wrapped with SGES. '
60 min.' shows
[Ca2+] (amount of calcium ion) in respective cells 60 min. after the test
tubes containing each cells were wrapped with SGES.
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