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Shigeyuki Hirose, Dr. of Medicine

                        The healing effects of
SGE stone have  been investigated
                        using several types of experiments and examinations
                        including rat experiments by Dr. Niwa and Professor Serge
                        Jurasunas. I have been conducting clinical trials based on
                        these experiment data since 2000. I have identified more
SGE stone effects than I had expected which improve
clinical conditions in various health conditions.

Clinical trials were conducted as follows: The number of patients is about 1,000 people. The patients suffer from a variety of health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis vulgaris, and other chronic diseases. Remedies are sand baths containing ceramic balls made of
SGE stone, drinking SGE water, and ingesting SGE stone powder of 1 micron in diameter. It should be noted that most of the patients improved their quality of life (QOL). [For ease of availabilty and use, SGE is also available the Energy Sand Bath in powdered form.]

My clinic has given the
SGE treatment to conditions resulting from traffic accidents, frozen shoulders (periarthritis numeroscapularis), excess sensitivity to cold, osteoporosis, neurosis, etc. and had good effects. Patients who had sand baths and SGE powder became active in their daily lives because they didn't feel tired. I am going to identify its reasons. I myself also experienced that the sand bath has apparent effects on recovery from fatigue. It also helps decrease body fat percentage and weight. Oral dose tests of SGE water and powder showed rapid recovery from fatigue despite short sleeping hours and almost no smell in the stool. It is inferred that SGE is closely related to the vitalization of intestinal bacteria, the prevention of lipid peroxide formed through the attachment of free radical to lipid, and the elimination of substances that cause fatigue in he human body.

Super Oxide Dismutase
SGE Stone has functions simliar to Super Oxide Dismutase
Since it was known that
SGE stone impedes lipid peroxide, it has been.
used for its functions similar to super oxide dismutase (SOD) to protect the human body from lipid peroxide that exists in the radiation and red corpuscle membranes. We know that chemotherapy and radiation impede SOD in lung cancer. It is also known that
SGE stone has anti-inflammatory effects on lung cancer and why SGE stone has such effects on malignant tumors. SGE stone also has effects on rheumatoid arthritis patients who had steroid treatments before.

Among rheumatoid arthritis patients who take
SGE [internally] and
SGE sand baths, 85 patients showed anti-inflammatory effects. They didn't feel painful stiffness in the morning. I was amazed to see rheumatoid arthritis patients' recovery, including a boy who had difficulty in walking while he took steroids. Two months later, the patients could swim. The special sand bath therapy decreased fatty acid to a fourth in the blood of rheumatoid arthritis patients. Due to the decrease of fatty acid, the patients recovered their blood flows and peripheral circulatory disturbances, which eliminated stiffness they had felt in the morning.

About SGE Health Project
Dr. Michihiko Ueda, Dr. of Medicine.

  Life maintenance activities of human beings are, as you
                        know, controlled by electric signals that run through
                        neural pathways. A human being is an energetic
                        existence. From this viewpoint, scientific experiment
                        data showing that
SGE is natural radioactive isotope
                        40K and far-infrared radiator interestingly suggest tha
SGE has some effects on the human body.

Clinical cases also showed tha
t SGE sand bath had remarkable effects
on rheumatoid arthritis. These would be natural results. In balneotherapeutic medicine, the effects of thermo-therapy on rheumatism and other chronic diseases have been already proven. Interestingly, SOD's enzyme vitalization function that has close relationships with free radical was also reported with scientific experiment data.

Oxygen is essential to compose bio-energy (ATP) that maintains the life of human beings, and the roles of reactive oxygen to maintain vital functions are very important. On the other hand, part of reactive oxygen becomes harmful free radicals, causes inflammation of cells
and produces fat lipid peroxide, and thus causes ageing or diseases.

The human body originally has functions to immediately scavenge free radical in our cells or make it harmless with antioxidant enzymes.

What is important is not a simplistic scavenging ability, but a selective metabolic scavenging ability. In this sense, SOD and other internal enzymes have important roles. We plan to further promote the verification with pharmacological tests concerning effects of
SGE trace elements and energy on vital functions, and relationships with the vitalization of internal enzymes.
SGE Bath - Eliminates Toxic Waste
Stimulation for sebum excretion of PCDDs, PCDFs and coplanar PCBs on bathing ceramic sand bath - Fukuoka igaku zasshi = Hukuoka acta medica , 1997, 88, pp.186-192 -- Iida-T, Hirakawa-H, Matsueda-T, Nakamura-M, Hori-T -- Fukuoka Institute
of Health and Environmental Sciences, Japan.

We previously reported that high risk environmental contaminants such as polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs) and coplanar polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are excreted not only in feces but also in the sebum of the face
and body in both normal subjects and Yusho patients.
A combination of administration of rice bran fiber and cholestyramine increased fecal excretion of PCDFs
and PCBs.

In the present study, we stimulated excretion of these compounds in sebum using a ceramic sand bath, a kind of sand bath using small ceramic balls (3.5 mm diameter) instead of natural sand. Five normal volunteers participated in this experiment. Sebum eliminated from the body on bathing ceramic sand bath was collected and weighed and then concentrations of the compounds interest in the sebum were determined.

We also examined the effects varying the bath conditions such as temperature of sand, length of bathing time and frequency of taking bath on the amounts of the compounds in the eliminated sebum. The results can be summarized as follows:

1. The average amount of sebum per one bath eliminated from the body during the ceramic sand bath was 0.252 g, and those of PCDDs, PCDFs and coplanar PCBs in it were 2.2, 2.0 and 2.2 pg of TEQ (2,3,7,8- tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin equivalent quantity).
It was considered that the amounts of these compounds corresponded to between one quarter and third of those eliminated through the sebum in a day.

On the other hand, 0.05 g of the sebum was collected from the face during the bath, included 0.39, 0.39 and 0.59 pg TEQ for PCDDs, PCDFs and coplanar PCBs, respectively.

2. As the number of bathing times a day increased,
the amount of sebum per bath gradually decreased. However, we could not determine the influence of the conditions of the bath such as temperature and time.

SGE - Mechanism of Action
In general the activation of cells in plants, animals and human beings needs the inflow of calcium ion (Ca2+) into the cells. In activating cells, Magnesium ion (Mg2+) also plays some role. In order to have the calcium ion enter into cells, the shape or structure of water becomes very important. By shortening the long chain of water, gaseous polluting substances such as C12, CO, C02, S02, contained in the long chain of water, are expelled into air, while heavy metals such as Hg, Cr, etc. precipitate to the bottom. By cutting short molecular chains, the rays increase specific gravity and hence water adherence to cell surfaces, and increase specific gravity and thus the adherence of water to the cell surface, making calcium ion easier to enter into cells. In this way, SGES activates cells.

SGE is Active at the Cellular Level -
the Body's Ultimate Defense System.

Each cell represents a fortress, out body’s last barrier
against invaders. But cells need to be activated in order
to function properly. The first step in cellular activation
is the entry of CA2+ into the cell membrane, which is
subjected to the structure and type of water that exists in the surrounding cells of human beings. Water with small molecular groups (shortened molecular chain) is easily absorbed by cells and carries with it high flow of calcium By penetrating the cell CA2+ attaches to calmodulin* which makes enzymes such as methyltransferase and phospholipase A2** and C2 active, which impede lipid peroxide and unsaturated fatty acid production, thus giving rise to a reaction call the Arachidonic Cascade, promoting the vitalization of cells.

*Calmodulin (CaM) is a ubiquitous, calcium-binding protein that can bind to and regulate a multitude of different protein targets, thereby affecting many different cellular functions.  Calmodulin mediates processes such as inflammation, metabolism, apoptosis, muscle contraction, intracellular movement, short-term and long-term memory, nerve growth and the immune response.

**PhospholipaseA2 is a key enzyme involved in the release of Arachidonic acid from the cell membrane. Inhibition of PhospholipaseA2 by lipocortins results in a decrease in inflammation. Phospholipase A2 is regulated by phosphorylation and calcium concentrations.
SGE - From the Viewpoint of Health