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In 1985, the Super Growth Energy Stone Research Project was launched,
and several experiments and clinical tests were conducted from different perspectives by noted Japanese scholars in the fields of geology, science, medicine, and pharmacy. It was especially notable that the results of basic experiments in far-infrared emitters emphasized that
SGE stone has much stronger radiant energy of growth rays, as compared to tourmaline, granite, or other stones.  Utilizing the effects of far-infrared rays, researchers investigated SGE stone thermal effects in stimulating perspiration, eliminating toxins and waste products, promoting health, as well as beauty enhancing and unique
fat burning effects that are not achieved by traditional means.

SGE Research Team Members

Dr. Michihiko Ueda - Doctor of Medicine. Former chairman
                        of The Japanese Society of Balneology Medicine. Director
                        of Japanese Association for Alternative, Complementary and
                        Traditional Supplement Medicine. Graduated from the Faculty
                        of Medicine of The University of Tokyo. Leader of balneotherapy
                        medicine in Japan. Dr. Ueda is active in promoting goals of the
Japanese Society for Integrative Medicine, which advocates the integration of Oriental medicine and Western medicine.

Dr. Hata Matsumoto - Doctor of Science. Kumamoto City
                        Museum Council chairman and former professor at Kumamoto
                        University. Tohoku Universitygraduate. Global pioneer in the
                        study of volcanoes and volcanic activity. Leading expert in
                        Kyushu, Japan region geology and volcanic activity.

  Dr. Shoji Kubota - Doctor of Science. Lecturer of the Faculty
                        of Engineering of Ibaraki University. Chief director of the
                        Society of Water Design. Vice-chairman of the Subtle Energy
                        Association of Japan. Graduate degree from Northeastern
                        University. Completed the post-graduate course at Tohoku
                        University. Authority on water research in Japan. He wrote "Complete Information on Water Useful to the Human Body in the 21st Century," and other publications.

Dr. Shigeyuki Hirose - Doctor of Medicine. Director of Hirose
                       Corporate Medical Clinic. Councilor for the Japan Society for
                       Oriental Medicine, and the Medical and Pharmaceutical Society
                       for WAKAN-YAKU. Lecturer of the Faculty of Medicine of Nagoya
                       University. Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Nagoya
                       University. He conducts various researches from a clinical viewpoint about natural therapies and traditional medicine in Japan. Author
of Curing Power and Curing Wisdom (published by Bungeisha), and other publications.

Dr. Hazime Makoto Tashiro - Doctor of Medicine. Biological
                        science professor, Showa College of Pharmaceutical Science.
                        Professor Emeritus at the World Health Organization (WHO)
                        Advisory Diabetes Cooperation Center, in the Changchun
                        Institute of Medicine. Graduated from the Kyoto University
                        Faculty of Medicine.
SGE Health Research,
Dr. HIrose Shigeyuki
Super Growth Energy Stone - Research Team