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SGE Energy Bath - Balanced Biological Terrain
"My clinic has given the SGE treatment to conditions resulting from traffic accidents, frozen shoulders (periarthritis numeroscapularis), excess sensitivity to cold, osteoporosis, neurosis, etc. and had good effects. Patients who had sand baths and SGE powder became active in their daily lives because they didn't feel tired. I myself also experienced that the sand bath has apparent effects on recovery from fatigue.

It also helps decrease body fat percentage and weight. It is inferred that SGE is closely related to the vitalization of intestinal bacteria, the prevention of lipid peroxide formed through the attachment of free radical to lipid, and the elimination of substances that cause fatigue in the human body."
- Shigeyuki Hirose, Dr. of Medicine, Director of Hirose Clinic. Councilor of The Japan Society for Oriental Medicine, and the Medical and Pharmaceutical Society for Wakan-Yaku (Japanese-Chinese traditional medicine)
Energy Bath warms the body from its core, expands blood
vessels, improves
. general and micro blood vessel circulation,
and normalizes the secretion of hormones, resulting the
strengthening of the immune system, and contributing to
a balanced biological terrain.

Energy Bath does not require the high temperatures of
a dry sauna to be
. effective, therefore it will not over-heat
the body, as its energy rays penetrate the body up to six
inches,compared to only two inches with regular dry air and
hot stone saunas.

Similar to hot spring therapy,
Energy Bath must be enjoyed
over a period of time to achieve and receive the full range
of health benefits.

Energy Bath is completely natural and is free of fragrance
and coloring, and
.may be used for babies, older persons
and anyone with dry or sensitive skin.

Energy Bath improves immune system function, combats
infection and the effects of degenerative conditions. SGE
is very effective in the management of pain, and in the
detoxification of chemicals and environmental impurities
from the body as well as delivering unique fat burning and
hormone balancing qualities.

Acting at the cellular level, SGE Super Growth Energy Stone
has a strong capacity to inhibit lipid peroxides, while also
serving as a natural antioxidant to protect cell  membranes
from free radical damage.

SGE mineral stone has been used for years in Japan in
general, therapeutic and clinical applications.
have confirmed many health benefits, in
addition to improvement for those experiencing the
following list of health problems:

- life-style related or degenerative health conditions .
- eliminate toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals from the body
-unique fat burning properties dispels toxic fat and cellulite.
- blood circulation and micro blood flow
- significant improvement of atopic dermatitis and other.
  related skin problems

- balance hormones levels and improves nervous system
- reduce body glucose and high
                                             cholesterol levels
                                           - reduce acidic levels in the body
- dispels lipid peroxides .
                                           - energize healthy cells and improves oxygen
- enhance immune system and lymphatic system.
                                           - improves mobillity from stiff joints
- reduces stress from feeling tired and fatigued .
                                           - sooths aches and joint pains
- expelled toxins help liver and kidneys function .
                                           - promotes better sleep
- reduces stress levels for those not exercising .
                                             or not able to exercise regularly

                                           - poor perspiration; low metabolism
- have high percentage of body fat .
"Several French professors and researcher such as Professor
Yves Rocard gave us the scientific basis for angstroms and our understanding of electronic fields.
We know that human tissues produce radionic waves that in a healthy person are about 8500-7000 A; with poor vitality near 6300 A; while diseases are below 6300 A, and cancer is above 4200 A.

SGES powder mixed in hot water has a radiovitality of 11,936 A at 37C [98F] and 12,312 A at 40C [104F]. Now we understand why the ESB significantly raises body energy."
- Professor Serge Jurasunas, A Far-Infrared Ray Emitting Stone (SGES) to Treat Cancer and Degenerative Diseases, Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, June 2000 
Acting at the cellular level,
Super Growth Energy Stone
has a strong capacity to inhibit
lipid peroxides, while also
serving as a natural antioxidant
to protect cell  membranes
from free radical damage.
Natural Ingredients: SGE mineral, sodium hydrogen carbonate,
dried sodium sulfate, natural aluminum silicate (natural bentonite clay). Contains no coloring or fragrance.
1300 grams/2.86 lbs. � 64 Baths
SOD Vitalization - SGE Stone has functions simliar to Super Oxide Dismutase . Since it was known that SGE stone impedes lipid peroxide, it has been. used for its functions similar to
super oxide dismutase (SOD) to protect the human body from
lipid peroxide that exists in the radiation and red corpuscle membranes.
Mineral veins from which SGE water springs emit radiation useful. to the human body, far-infrared energy of 4 to 14 micron called growth wavelength, and weak electromagnetic energy related
to mid and far-infrared radiation. These types of energy possibly produce larger energy by resonating with the human body composite molecules, giving effects on trace elements such as manganese, copper, and zinc to vitalize super oxide dismutase (SOD), and selenium to help immunization.