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Super Growth Energy - Energy Stone Shower Filter
Shower System Features
Super Growth Energy Stone, far-infrared ceramic, and Tumoro Stone provide a softer.
       feeling water that contributes to healthier skin and hair; and energetic refreshment
    - Particle and sediment protection.
- Hand held wand with 4 adjustable spray settings.
- Swivels side to side/up and down for convenient positioning.
- Available in attractive polished chrome finish.
- Estimated installation time: 10 minutes .
- Shower housing and cartridge housing made in United States.

Cartridge Use - The Energy Stone Shower is for use on potable, microbiologically safe water only. The actual time and capacity of your cartridge may vary from the rated capacity depending on frequency of use, length of showers taken and local water conditions. This may be due to the volume of contaminants actually present in your water supply. The contaminants removed or reduced by the Shower System are not necessarily in all water sources.
Cartridge Maintenance and Replacement
                                     For areas with high levels of sediment that may tend to reduce shower
                                     pressure, the Energy Stone Shower Filter can be easily backwashed to
                                     expel accumulated sediment, and prolong effectiveness of KDF media.
                                     Backwashing can be done once per month as a routine maintenance,
                                     or when it is noticed that the shower water pressure is reduced.
                                     Instructions are included with in your shower manual.
CARTRIDGE CHANGE: On average, cartridge will provide 15-18 months
                                     use for 1-3 persons. Cartridge life will depend on chlorine and sediment
                                     levels, the number of showers taken, and length of showering time.

Operating Specifications
                                     Rated Capacity (in US Gallons)            45,000 gallons or 15-18 months
                                     Approximate Flow Rate*                      2.5 gal/min  (9.46 L/min)
                                     Housing Construction                          High Impact Plated ABS
                                     Maximum Working Pressure                100 PSIG (689.5 kPa)
                                     Minimum Working Pressure                 30 PSIG (206.8 kPa)
                                     Maximum Operating Temperature       140 F /71 C
                                     Minimum Operating Temperature        34 F/1 C

Easy  Cartridge Change

       Healthiest Shower and Genuine Spa Experience
Energy Stone Shower Filter will elevate your shower experience to a level unmatched
              by any other shower system.
Far-infrared energy imparted by SGE Volcanic Mineral
              Stone and far-infrared bio-ceramic contributes to skin that is healthier, and improved
              hair condition. Healthy 
negative ions energize, promote alertness and contributes
              to a refreshing feeling of well being.

              The elegant design of
Energy Stone Shower Filter allows for
              easy and convenient use. The particle disc along with periodic
              backwash maintenance will help lengthen cartridge life. Ceramic
              rings magnets, and far-infrared ceramic produce a reduced
              structured water that is softer, more gentle to the skin, and
              and contributes toward a healthier and luxurious shower.
Energy Stone Shower System - Cartridges
Premium Shower Cartridge
For homes with well water, or whole. house filters that removes chlorine from household water. The Energy Stone Premium Shower Cartridge contains
no KDF for chlorine removal, and will provide ten years of service without the need to replace your shower cartridge.
The only maintenance is the cleaning
. particle sediment disc as required.
Energy Stone Shower Filter Media
Particle Disc:
Blocks particles and sediment from entering cartridge..
KDF-55: Delivers up to 99% free chlorine removal. Service time will vary with number of persons. using filter, amount and length of showers taken, and free chlorine levels in water. Skin irritations and hair problems with associated with chlorinated water are significantly reduced.
Tumoro Stone: Compliments SGE Stone with its unique far-infrared energy profile..
Also provides a natural bio-static quality, hinder bacteria growth.
Super Growth Energy Stone and Far-infrared Ceramic: Emit far-infrared energy and healthy.
negative ions, FIR energy activates the cells of the skin when showering. Due to their natural anti-bacterial qualities, the SGE Stone and FIR Ceramic have a healthy effect on the skin, which over time, visibly contributes to the lessening of the effects of atopic dermatitis. Negative ions invigorate and add freshness to the bathroom environment.
"I was born and raised in Japan, and
I now live in Canada with my family.
When I used the SGE shower filter.
I was amazed at how silky smooth the water became.
It reminded me
of the water from natural hot
springs in Japan.

After the bath using shower filter to
fill bathtub] I had a very good sleep,
and the feeling of relaxation and
comfort lasted for the following day.
I feel like I am a different person every
time I take that special bath. My
children enjoy the showeras much
as I do. They spend unusually long
time simply enjoying the special
feeling and warmth of the water.

"My husband also loves the SGE
water. When he takes the shower,
he says he can feel the difference in
the quality of water. The SGE water
feels soft and nice on his skin, and
he feels energized and ready for
a day's work.
We are all very happy with the
SGE shower filter.  It is one of the
things we have to help keep our
family healthy.  Thank you very much."
Chizu K., Vancouver, BC Canada
       KDF-55            Tumoro Stone       Bio-Ceramic      SGE Mineral
Energy Stone Cartridge
Cartridge Contents:.
- Particle Disc
- 24 oz of KDF-55
- Tumoro Mineral Stone
  (Fir Energy and Biostatic)
- FIR bio-ceramic
- SGE Mineral Stone
Shower System:   $259.00.
Cartridge:            $129.00
Cartridge Change: 15-18 months.
Premium Cartridge
(For well water or those with
home filters that remove chlorine.)

Cartridge Contents:.
- Particle Disc.
- Tumoro Stone
   (Fir Energy and Biostatic)
- FIR bio-creamic
- SGE Mineral Stone
Shower System:    $398.00.
Cartridge:             $289.00
Cartridge Change: 10 years.
Cartridge ratings are for a household of 1-3 persons. The actual time and capacity of your cartridge may vary from the rated capacity depending on frequency of use, length of showers taken and local water conditions.