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Seven Reason Not to Drink Alkaline Ionized Water
From the book Dancing With Water - by MJ Pangman, D.S.
MJ Pangman is an author, speaker, and freelance writer in the field of complementary medicine. Since the year.
2000, ever since she observed its powerful effects on her own body, MJ has focused her writing on the subject
of structured water. Her book, Hexagonal Water - The Ultimate Solution, is a reflection years of research on the
molecular structure of water documenting the emerging evidence in support of its biological significance.
During 2003-2004 MJ worked with the eminent, Korean scientist Dr. Mu Shik Jhon to make his book, The Water
Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, available in English. The book, published in 2004, outlines over 40 years of
Dr. Jhon's research on the structure of water.
Ms Pangman's background in the natural sciences gives her an understanding of chemistry, biology, and quantum
physics; her ability to explain the complex in simple terms makes her writing easy and enjoyable to read.
Alkaline Ionized Water - WHY NOT?
With so much discussion of the need to alkalize, one of the biggest questions
people have is whether or not to drinkionized water. A great deal has been written on the subject by many well-intentioned individuals. However much of the information being circulated regarding the health benefits of alkaline ionized water is either inaccurate or incomplete. There are seven major reasons (and many minor ones) why NOT to drink alkaline ionized water.

1. Alkaline water hinders digestion.
The first and the most obvious red flag regarding the consumption of alkaline ionized water is its potential impact on digestion. Since the digestive process begins in the stomach�an extremely acidic environment�a person must ask the question: What is the impact of alkaline water on the digestive process? Fifty percent of people over the age of 60 are hypochlorhydric. This means that they can no longer produce enough stomach acid for optimal digestion. For these individuals, the consumption of alkaline water presents a significant problem. You might be surprised to discover how many people who begin to drink alkaline ionized water end up with digestive trouble�and they have no idea it was caused by the water. Most of those who promote alkaline water are aware of this problem . . . that's why they suggest NOT drinking it before meals.

2. Alkaline water does not balance the body's pH.
One of the arguments used in favor of alkaline water, supposes that its consumption will alkalize the body and negate the buildup of acids caused by our modern diet and lifestyle. If this were the case, then eating a lemon would contribute to acidosis, but it does exactly the opposite. The most acidic of all fruits is considered to be the most alkalizing food there is. Although it is acidic, it also contains an abundance of alkaline minerals. The key is that the alkaline minerals in raw food are in an organic form. The body recognizes minerals in this form and they are easily assimilated. All raw plant foods are acidic (with the exception of a few herbs). They are made of organic acids combined with organically-complexed alkaline minerals�in balance. This is the reason raw food balances the body's pH in a way that alkaline water cannot.

3. Electric ionization damages water's life force.
Another reason NOT to drink alkaline ionized water has to do with the molecular structure of water. Nature creates liquid crystalline (structured) water using weak electromagnetic fields. Those who sell ionizers believe that the strong electric current used during ionization produces the same kind of water. It does not. Although electric currents do cause water molecules to align, strong electric currents (like those used during ionization) have a damaging effect on the electromagnetic field around water molecules. In essence, they electrocute the water and leave it without life force. The water loses its structure rapidly when it is removed from the electric field. Water that has been treated in this manner is aggressive and unnatural. It is no longer capable of carrying the finely-tuned signals and other vibratory information that water is intended to carry within the human body.

4. Alkaline ionized water contains minerals in an inorganic
    form that contribute to arterial plaque and joint disorders.

During ionization, water molecules are split (ionized). Positively-charged ions (H+) are attracted to negatively-charged mineral ions (phosphate, chloride, sulfide, iodide, etc.) to form a variety of acidic compounds in the acidic stream of water. Negatively-charged water ions (OH-) are attracted to positively-charged mineral ions (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium) to form numerous alkaline compounds in the alkaline stream of water. The compounds in this portion of the water may not be something you are interested in drinking. For example: the most common alkaline mineral compounds that form in alkaline ionized water are calcium hydroxide (lime), sodium hydroxide (lye), potassium hydroxide (caustic potash), and magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia�a laxative). And because of the strong electric forces used during ionization, these compounds are not easily broken down. The alkaline minerals are not available for use in the body. Most of them end up as arterial plaque or as mineral deposits in joints and other tissues.

5. Alkaline water is imbalanced.
Water ionizers separate water into two streams. One contains the acidic minerals. The other stream of water contains alkaline minerals. Both sets of minerals are necessary in the human body. Nature rarely provides one without the other. The chemistry of life is dependent on the balance between acids and bases. One without the other for an extended period of time is an invitation for trouble.

6. Alkaline ionized water causes cell death and fibrosis
    of the heart.
While alkaline ionized water has been in use in Japan for over 40 years, its use (until recently) has been restricted to clinical settings where the water was used in controlled amounts for short periods of time. There are no long-term studies to identify potential problems with either the extended or the exclusive use of this type of water. In the absence of controlled human studies, rats (with a shorter life span) have been the subjects of investigation. Three separate studies have shown that long-term consumption of alkaline ionized water produces cell death (necrosis), fibrosis, and other complications in the heart muscle in rats. Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, a cardiac surgeon and Director of the Water Institute in Japan, was one of the scientists who conducted early research on alkaline ionized water. His work determined that the benefits of alkaline ionized water were due to hydrogen in the water. Ultimately, he renounced the use of ionized water in favor of other methods to produce hydrogen-rich water.

7. Alkaline ionized water is aggressive and unnatural.
One of the biggest arguments in favor of alkaline ionized water is that its strong electron potential neutralizes free radicals. While it is true that alkaline ionized water has a strong electrical potential (evidenced by negative ORP values), the rH2 value (hydrogen potential) is a more accurate representation of electron potential than ORP alone. It measures the reducing power of a substance without the skewing effects of pH. Understanding rH2 measurements and Biological Terrain Analysis helps in the realization that water with a strongly negative ORP value is way out of balance for the human body. It may initially reduce the free radical load but continued consumption and the aggressive neutralization of oxygen radicals upsets cellular redox balance which plays a pivotal role in immune function and metabolic homeostasis. Oxygen radicals serve as signaling molecules.
Medical research verifies that their absence is equally as harmful as their over-
. abundance.The ongoing consumption of alkaline ionized water tips the balance in the opposite direction and it opens the way for other serious metabolic consequences.
What About Reverse Osmosis and Distilled Waters?
Let's begin by acknowledging one very important.
fact - the only reason water filters are needed at
all is because most of us do not have access to clean, healthy, uncontaminated water from either
a natural spring or deep well source. Furthermore, the water that is delivered through municipal water pipes falls far short of being truly healthy.
Municipal water is brought to us by a delivery
. system of pipes that is unnatural to the way water moves and is transported in the natural world. Pipes and large pumps deliver water that is very damaged, in addition to being a depository of chemicals and toxins, such as fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, MTBE, heavy metals, prescription drugs, bacteria and in rare cases, viruses.
Unnatural Filtration Processes: The water. filtration process of nature does not deliver reverse osmosis, distilled, or electrified water as
is produced by alkaline ionized water machines.
Reverse Osmosis and Distilled water filters.
remove minerals from water. Mineral are important to the health and energy of the body. Water produced by these filters removes vital minerals, has an acidic pH, is energetically dead, and lacks the smaller molecular structure for the best tissue and cellular hydration.
There are however, some important reasons
for the use of reverse or distilled water filters.
One, being the removal of sodium from water after the treatment of a water softener. And many with health concerns want 'clean' drinking water to alleviate such concerns.
Fortunately, some sellers of reverse osmosis
units recognize the critical need for minerals
and alkaline pH, and equip their units with a
post cartridge that adds minerals to filtered water. These will vary in their effectiveness according to the media that any given cartridge may contain.
Ideal Drinking Water: Healthy mountain spring.
and well waters begin as rain or snow, are then energized by the far-infrared energy of the sun during evaporation, and by vortexes of energy
as the water tumbles and flow through semi-
magnetic mineral rock deep within the Earth.
Here minerals and oxygen are added, resulting
in vibrant, 'living' water that is highly energized, structured and mineralized.
Energy Stone Water Filter produces mountain. spring quality water. Virus-level purification and multi-stage filtration addresses the physical need for ultra clean water (including pharmaceutical drugs and environmental hormones), but without removing vital minerals or reducing the pH of water. The mineral and bio ceramic stages addresses the structural, energetic and healthy negative ions and vital trace mineral requirements for a genuinely healthy, mountain spring quality water.