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Whole House Water Filter
Superior Quality ater for Your Household eeds
The Energy Stone Health whole house filter provides the highest level water purification for your home for 8-10
years* before media replacement. The WH-14 filter is installed on your main water line entering the home, and
will provide cleaner, safer water for showers, baths, laundry and other household uses. Flow rate is 12 gallons
per minute. Catalytic carbon and coconut shell carbon are combined to provide a total of 3 cubic feet of
filtration media. For homes with 1-3 baths, this configuration allows for 8-10 years* service at 100,000 of water
of water filtered per year, before having to change media.
Please call for homes with four or more baths, or custom
Non-backwashing upflow configuration available for smaller applications.

NanoCeram Bacteria Protection - As an added safeguard for you and your family's
                                         health, a 20" x 4.5" triple pleated NanoCeram  filter is available. This cartridge performs
                                         in same way as the Energy Stone Water Filter nano cartridge, by removing bacteria,
                                         viruses, pharmaceutical drugs, hormones, phenols, heavy metals and more.

                                         Well Water Users
- The WH-14 filter is suitable for municipal treated water or well
                                         water. However, those with well water may require their well water to be tested, as
                                         additional treatment for problems such as high iron, sulfur, low pH, bacteria may be
                                         required as a pre-filtration before the WH-14 filter.
Please call us to discuss your
                                         individual well water requirements.
Please call us for larger home, estate and commerical filters..
* This figure vary according to individual water conditions..
WH-14 Filter Media
Catalytic Carbon . Removes chloramines, chlorine, iron, VOCs, hydrogen sulfide, bad taste and odors, chemicals and many other undesireables from water.

Coconut Shell Carbon - Removes chlorine, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, THMs, radon, solvents, MTBE, chemical compounds, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals, contaminants and additives found in tap water. 'Polishes' water, removing bad tastes and odors.
WH-14 Filter Installation
The WH-14 is a point-of-entry system, and is. installed at the main water source as it enters the home, and before the hot water heater(s). If the backwashing model is chosen, drainage for  back-washing and electrical outlet for automatic timer is required.
To prevent freezing do not install your unit where the temperature may falls below 40 F.
Installation ideally should be on a flat, stable base such as a concrete or slab. Please have your installer determine your installation requirements to be certain installation is possible. Installation placement will depend
on a number of factors including:
- Location of pipes where the main water
  enters the home
- Convenient access for installation and service
- Plumbing layout and draining access (applies
  to backwash model only)
- Stable floor or concrete foundation
WH-14 Filter Specifications
1" Clack In/Out Upflow Valve
-  14 x 65 Resin Tank
-  2.75 cu/ft Spartan catalytic carbon
-  1/4  cu/ft Coconut Shell Carbon
-  200 lbs shipping weight
-  Space Required: 15" x 15" x 68"
Two, 5 Micron Sediment Filters.
Service Life: 7-8 years at 100,000.
gallons of water filtered per year
Price: Please Call.

Price $633.42..
(shipping $42.00)

Please call if you require a filter for a
home with four or more baths, or have well water

Ten year pro-rated warranty on
media tank.
Superior Quality Water for Your Household Needs
NanoCeram Triple Pleated Cartridge for
Bacteria Protection
Please call us at 610-645-6545 to order your filter.