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SGE Luxury Comforters and Bedding
SGE Luxury Comforters provide healing benefits during your resting
hours, and contribute to healthier, more comfortable living.

Sleep is very important in maintaining good health, and we spend
about one third of our lives getting necessary rest. Although the body
is resting during sleep, important functions related to health continue
to take place. The SGE Luxury Bedding makes it possible to enhance
the healthy functions of your body during the time you spend asleep,
and improve your body's natural healing abilities.

     The healthy, far-infrared qualities of SGE improve the functioning
     of your body, purify the air in your bedroom, and are effective in
     removing body odor. The SGE Comforter is light in weight and keeps
     you comfortably warm. The combined use of the SGE Mattress Top
     with the SGE Comforter provides the healthy activation of your body's
     cells, and contributes to a deeper and more comfortable sleep.

Enjoy a deeper, more comfortable sleep

                    Improve blood circulation, activate your cells

                    Enhance your body's natural healing abilities

The healthy influence of SGE mineral's far-infrared properties breaks
down toxic substances and removes offensive body odors. SGE bedding
improves blood circulation and helps keep your body warm during the
winter months, assuring a comfortable night's sleep. During the warmer
months, your body will feel cool because the SGE fabric absorbs water,
and air easily passes through the fabric.

SGE Comforters contributes to improved the blood circulation, helps
to relieve fatigue and tiredness, and aids in a more restful sleep.
SGE Comforter is an excellent companion during the colder winter
months, as it helps warm the body and provides enhanced comforter
during the hours of rest.

It can also be used to wrap around your shoulders or hips to improve
circulation in those areas. SGE Comforter is Ideal for patients suffering
from Fibromyalgia, Cerebral Palsey, Fatigue, Shingles, Poor Circulation
etc. In particular, it fits well patients with physical disabilities using a
wheel chair or need to stay in the bed.

     Improve blood circulation and metabolism,
            Reduce inflammation
            Relax muscles
            Enhance white blood cell and immune system functions

Specially processed SGE mineral is infused into the fabric fibers during the manufacturing process to create the healthiest bedding ever made.

The SGE Three Piece Bedding set includes:

     - Comforter; Mattress Top; Pillow; and is available in pink or blue
        with design, and in Twin and Double sizes.

     - Filling is 95% White Goose Down and 5% Small Feathers.

     - Comforter cover is 50% silk and 50% Cotton.

     - SGE Mattress Tops can be purchased separately to
       accommodate those wishing to fit their queen and king
       size beds.

SGE Bedding Pricing:

Twin Size Comforter, mattress cover, one pillow              $4,866.00

Double Size Comforter, mattress cover, two pillows        $7,005 .00

Mattress Tops:   Twin 100 x 200 cm  (39" x 78.5")               $1,385.00
                           Double 140 x 210 cm (55" x 82.5")