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SGE - Origin and Unique Properties

SGE volcanic mineral (Super Growth Energy Stone) was discovered in
1978 near Mt. Ohkue, close to Takachiho Gorge, in Kyushu, Japan.
These regions have a complex geology, having been the subject of repeated volcanic activities over many thousands of years. This
volcanic activity has created the formation of a large layered caldera.

SGE mineral consists of various common and rare trace elements, and is the result of volcanic metamorphism over many years. Researchers believe that SGE stone was formed by the crystallization of the sandstones during large volcanic activity in the Shimanto Marine Stratum, which makes up the geographic formation of the southwestern regions of Japan.

Initial attention was drawn to
SGE stone after an analysis of the water issuing from the mineral bedrock formations. Examination of SGE ground water showed that it contains over fifty minerals. Many are rare minerals. SGE stone was found to be composed of several metamorphic mine minerals, as well a few kinds of basic elements and trace metallic elements, which cannot be found in ordinary mineral stones.

Along with basic elements such as magnesium oxide (MgO), aluminum oxide (Al2O3), potassium oxide (K2O), silicon dioxide (SiO2), and magnesium oxide (MgO),
SGE stone also contains rare earth elements such as erbium, lanthanum, and lutetium, as well as  abundant trace elements including vanadium, rubidium, zirconium. These number over fifty kinds of essential trace elements that play important roles in the human body.
SGE stone contains several ultra micro minerals that cannot be found in other stones. Also found in SGE is titanium, which is related to the maintenance of organisms, and selenium, which enhances immune system function reduces inflammation.

The manganese, copper and zinc contained in
SGE stone is believed to contributed toward SGE's ability to vitalize Superoxide Dismutase (SOD),
a reactive oxygen scavenging enzyme (antioxidant and free radical inhibitor), by removing active oxygen in the body.

In the areas of overall health, the
SGE Energy Bath has been shown to boost the immune system, and imparts an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as proving quite useful in addressing the effects of environmental factors that damage health, such as stresses, poor circulation, or excretory problems and life-style related conditions resulting from exposure to chemical and plastic by products, and other toxins that
enter our bodies by various means.
SGE Volcanic Caldera - Kyshu, Japan
Super Grown Energy Stone
Takachiho Gorge - Kyushu, Japan