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Purification and Enhancement ...the Healthier Water!
Volcanic Mineral Enhancement
Chemicals, Metals, Radionuclides
Bacteria, Virus and Drug Protection
Mountain Spring Quality Water on Demand
Energy Stone Water Filter provides truly healthier mountain spring quality water. Naturally filtered water is provided without the use of reverse osmosis, distilled, or eletricity. With an elegantly simple, three cartridge system that begins with precise, virus-level purification, exceptionally clean water results as it passes through seven filtration stages.
And unlike reverse osmosis and distilled water filters, the minerals such as calcium,
potassium and magnesium, that contribute to energy and an alkaline pH water are never removed from filtered water during purification and enhancement process.
Five enhancement stages, include rare volcanic mineral stones, magnetite ore, ceramic
ring magnets and energy bio-ceramic, impart water with the structural, energetic and trace mineral components that give highly regarded mountain spring and deep well waters around the earth their clean, refreshing tastes, and physical and energetic properties.
                          The NanoCeram-PAC electropositively-charged
                          media cartridge, provides superior absortion.
                          It protects against
99.999%+* of bacteria, and
  99.97%+* of viruses, while also protecting users
                          from harmful
endocrine disruptors, drugs
and hormones that have been found in many
                          recycled municipal water supplies.
                          It also
retains fine colloidal particulates from.
                          water, which can include pathogenic cysts,
                          Giardia, Intestinalis, Legionella, Cryptosporidium,
                          E-coli, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Aspergillus, DNA, RNA, endotoxins, as well as, chlorine, VOCs, heavy metals, phospholipids, oil, oil emulsions, bad tastes, odors, and more.
NanoCeram is of significant benefit when accounting for the past
. occassional outbreaks of Hepatitis A and Norwalk virus.*
See below for details of the benefits and advantages of.
using NanoCeram filter technology.

                   Purification and Fluoride Reduction Cartridges
Fluoride Reduction Cartridge - Removes Fluoride and radio-isotopes from.
  water which include Americium-241, cadmium , colbalt-57, 60, cesium-137, zinc-65
                        manganese-54 , yttrium-88 , iodine-131 , radon ,
radioactive metal componds, radio-
nuclides; also VOCs, SOCs, and other contaminants.
Removes heavy metals including fluoride, aluminum, arsenic III, arsenic V, cadmium,.
chromium III, chromium IV, copper, iron, lead, manganese,
mercury, nickel, silver, zinc, strontium, uranium, vanadium, bromine, selenium, hexavalent chromium.
KDF-55 and Catalytic Carbon - Combine to remove heavy metals, chloramines, chlorine, hydrogen,..
iron, bad odors and tastes, hydrogen sulfide, chemicals; many more undesireables from tap water.
Zeolite - Removes radio-nuclides, ammonia -- and removes, blocks or adsorbs algea, bacteria.
cryptosporidium, nitrates, phosphates, iron, manganese, Giardia, cyst, nitrogen, certain organic hydrocarbons, and toxic cations such as silver, mercury, nickel, cobalt, arsenic.
Coconut Shell Carbon - Removes chlorine, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, THMs, radon, solvents,. MTBE, chemical compounds, and many other chemicals, contaminants and additives that are found in tap water. Serves to 'polish' water, removing bad tastes and odors.
  Precise Nano-Level Purification
Originally developed in partnership with NASA
  for the US Space Program, NanoCeram cartridge
  combines the benefits of pleated filters with
  virus level reduction.
Change the NanoCeram
cartridge at 18 months at the latest, or before,
  if it becomes saturated from heavy use.               
   Multi-purpose cartridges* removes a wide range.
   of contaminants including, metals, chemicals,
   fluoride and radio-nuclides, chlorine, chloramines,
   VOCs, THMs, bad tastes. Cartridges should be
   replaced every 18 months for  optimal performance.

   *Performance and cartridge life will depend upon contaminant levels in individual water
    supplies. HIgher levels of contaminants may require earlier cartridge replacement.