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SGE Energy Bath - Whole Body Wellness
Stimulating Perspiration and Fat Burning
NOTE: Toxic sweat from the sebaceous glands and apocrine glands
cannot be removed by bathing in a hot spring, using a sauna, or doing
sports. SGE far infrared Energy Bath can remove these by stimulating
the function of the body for the removing of waste products.

Sweat from respiratory glands - Sweat secreted from eccrine
glands (distributed over almost the entire surface of the body)
has almost the same quality as urine; it contains sodium chloride,
potassium, uric acid, ammonia, and urea water, etc.

Sweat from sebaceous glands -  The chemical substances
absorbed from the air, water, food, and skin, etc. are dissolved
and stored in body fat. Sebaceous glands secrete the body fat.

Sweat from apocrine glands (causing odor, i.e. under arm odor) -
containing cholesterol, fatty acids, sebaceous fatty acid, lead,
dioxin, mercury, cadmium, other heavy metals.

Heavy Metal and Environmental Toxin Removal
Experiments conducted by the Kyushu University Medical School,
Japan, showed that an SGE Energy Bath caused the excretion of
dioxin and other toxic substances, including PCDFs [Polychlorinated
Dibenzofurans], PCDDs [Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins], coplanar
PCBs [Polychlorinated biphenyls], and mercury. SGE Energy Bath
removes lipid peroxide and detoxifies lymphatic tissues, as well as
break down and remove toxic substances that contribute to body
odor in the feet and under the arms.

Enhanced Metabolism and Internal Cleansing
The far-infrared energy emitted from SGE mineral stimulates
the body's healthy cells, activating the body's metabolism.
this results in the elimination of toxins and toxic metals from
the body and liver, leading to an enhanced immune system.

The effects of a stimulated metabolism has the effect of lowering
body fat, and blood glucose levels, while also removing lipid peroxides
in the body, and significantly reducing free-radical oxygen activity.
The infrared ray energy also vibrates subcutaneous fat molecules,
leading to the production of body-warming energy.

Skin Rejuvenation
Enhanced perspiration improves the metabolism of subcutaneous fat,
which naturally moisturizes the skin. Perspiration removes impurities
that clog pores, leading to a rejuvenating of the skin itself. The raising
of the metabolism generates heat energy that in turn generates a
higher level of sweat in a short period of time, which, in turn burns
more calories.

Hormone Balancing and Improved Immune System
The diencephalon (please see box) is stimulated, subsequently effecting
the pituitary gland and adrenal cortex, leading to, and allowing for the
absorption of more than 30 kinds of hormones from the whole body.
This along with the reduction of free-radical oxygen activity, results
in the enhancement and strengthening of the immune system.

Warming of Body Core and Improved Circulation
Super Growth Energy Stone warms the body from its core, expands
blood vessels, improves general blood circulation and micro blood
vessel circulation, and normalizes the secretion of hormones.

Doppler Ultrasonography was used to measure blood flow
after 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. The significant increase in
blood flow continued after 5 minutes, and strikingly increased
at 30 and 60 minutes.

Far-infrared therapy is often applied to treat or alleviate
poor circulation, stiffness of the joints and backaches.
Compared to other far-infrared ray emitting stones,
SGE mineral stone generates a more intense mid-range
energy which contributes to an enhanced balancing of the
biological terrain and contributes to the relief of pain, and effects
of chronic arthritis, rheumatism and poor circulation.

Inhibits Lipid Peroxide Formation
Lipid peroxides are formed by the reaction of unsaturated fatty acid
in the blood and active oxygen. It adheres to the inside of blood
vessel walls, and the surfaces of tissues and internal organs. It then
penetrates into these tissues and organs, causing various problems
that may include cerebral or cardiovascular diseases and tissue

Studies indicate that lipid peroxide can be influential in promoting
strokes, myocardial infarctions, atopic dermatitis, cancers, diabetes,
hepatitis, and cataracts, etc. Deteriorating environment creates more
pollutants, which produce an excess amount of active oxygen. When
active oxygen enters the body, it produces a high level of lipid
peroxide, which leads to the conditions stated above and other
intractable ailments.
"SGE Energy Bath powder has become one of the pillars of
my gloriously great health . . .

"When it was introduced to me, I was facing a challenge of skin eruptions all
over my body
unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Despite the outstanding quality of the supplements I was taking, the infrared sauna I was using every day, the exercise I faithfully did, and the acupuncture and energy support I was receiving, this worrisome condition persisted.

I began with four baths weekly of the
SGE infrared bath powder.
To my delighted amazement, the condition began to clear steadily and, within three months, cleared  up completely.

My energy levels, energy balance, emotional resilience and mental clarity are significantly improved.
My body's tendency to retain water and have swollen feet and ankles is completely gone.

All extra fat on my hips, tummy, waist and arms has melted and remained gone for two years. My hair has also become thicker and healthier.  I consider SGE Infrared Bath Powder to be a profound blessing in my life for which I am very grateful."
- Maria E.,  Beacon, NY
SGE Energy Bath Spa, Oita, Japan
"SGE Energy Bath powder has
become one of the pillars of
my gloriously great health . . .
The diencephalon is found in
the brain, with two of its main structures being the thalamus
and the hypothalamus.*
An important function of the
. diencephalon is the regulation
of the endocrine system, the series of glands, which secrete hormones into the bloodstream to regulate the body.  Hormones regulate a variety of bodily functions including growth and development, mood, tissue function, and metabolism.
The diencephalon is involved in
. the regulation of hormone levels as hormone levels fluctuate in response to the changes of input. This regulation includes detecting increases and triggering a reduction in hormone production, to detecting the requirement for additional hormones and relaying signals to increase production.
Imbalance of hormones is often
. related to problems with the diencephalon.  When the endocrine system as a whole appears to be experiencing an imbalance of normal function, the problem may be traced to the structures in the diencephalon.
*Other vital structures making up.
the diencephalon complex are the epithalamus, subthalamus, third ventricle, mammillary bodies, posterior pituitary gland, and the pineal body.