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SGE Energy Bath - Comments and Experiences
Carol K., Female � Riverside, California
I have had four baths using SGE Energy Bath.  I am really excited about the possibilities of the long term use of this product as I have experienced rapid major improvement in my health with just four baths.  Prior to the first bath I was experiencing several health challenges in my body.  I was dealing with brain fog, vertigo, cold feet at night, severe sinus issues in my eyes just to mention a few.

After the first bath, I no longer have vertigo or brain fog.  The next day after my first bath I noticed that my energy level was up considerably.  My energy level continues to improve with each bath.

I am looking forward to continued improvement in my health as I use this product  I will keep you updated on my progress  as I believe it will continue to get better as I use the product.  I am definitely a fan

Maria E., Female � Age 62 , Beacon, NY, USA

"SGE Energy Bath powder has become one of the pillars of my gloriously great health. When it was introduced to me, I was facing a challenge of skin eruptions
all over my body unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Despite the outstanding quality of the supplements I was taking, the infrared sauna I was
using every day, the exercise I faithfully did, and the acupuncture and energy support I was receiving, this worrisome condition persisted.

I began with four baths weekly of the SGE infrared bath powder. To my delighted amazement, the condition began to clear steadily and, within three months, cleared  up completely.

My energy levels, energy. balance, emotional resilience and mental clarity are significantly improved. My body's tendency to retain water and have swollen feet
and ankles is completely gone. All extra fat on my hips, tummy, waist and arms
has melted and remained gone for two years. My hair has also become thicker
and healthier.

I consider SGE Infrared Bath Powder to be a profound blessing in my life for which
I am very grateful." (Energy Bath user since 2007.)

Blake O., Male � Age 58 , Fairfield, Iowa, USA
"I'm just giving my experience exactly as it is. I'm happy to provide this.

I am a 58 year old male with a long history of osteoarthritis. After my
40 minute bath, I was pain free and completely mobile.  Good to go for at least
24 hours. I have been using the SGE detoxifying bath powder for some time now.
I would tell you that I have been on the path of physiological, mental, and emotional purification (all the same thing), via meditation, diet, ayurveda and other techniques for purification of the gross physical body.

One of the very best things I have found for this purpose is the bath powder. It is very soothing and helpful for arthritic and other pain as it cleanses and promotes circulation.

After a nice 30-40 minute soak in my Jacuzzi with these powder, I come out pain
free and extremely clear emotionally and physiologically, even spiritually. The
powders energetically cleanse the aura as well as the physical and emotional
body.  I often remain pain free for a day or more after each bath. I feel a very distinctive cleansing and strengthening of my subtle body and consciousness as these soaks pull out any and every kind of toxin from the physical and energetic body.

I have found that detoxing the heavy metals out of my system has reduced
my emotional symptoms by 60-70%. The soaks are also very energizing and harmonizing on a subtle level. My plan is to continue this great, convenient,
home detox method for curing and prevention of whatever may be problematic."