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Super Growth Energy Stone - Mechanism of Action
In general, the activation of cells in plants, animals and human beings need the inflow of calcium ion (Ca2+) into the cells. In activating cells, Magnesium ion (Mg2+) also plays some role. In order to have the calcium ion enter into cells, the shape or structure of water becomes very important. By shortening the long chain of water, gaseous polluting substances such as C12, CO, C02, S02, contained in the long chain of water, are expelled into air, while heavy metals such as Hg, Cr, etc. precipitate to the bottom. By cutting short molecular chains, the rays increase specific gravity and hence water adherence to cell surfaces, making calcium ion easier to enter into cells. In this way, Super Growth Energy Stone activates cells.

SGES is Active at the Cellular Level
- the Body's Ultimate Defense System.

Each cell represents a fortress, our body�s last barrier against invaders. But cells need to be activated in order to function properly. The first
step in cellular activation is the entry of CA2+ into the cell membrane,
                                                                               which is subjected to
                                                                               the structure and
                                                                               type of water that
                                                                               is contained in the
                                                                               surrounding cells of
                                                                               of the human body.
                                                                               Water with small
                                                                               molecular groups
                                                                               (shortened molecular
                                                                               chain) is easily
                                                                               absorbed by cells
                                                                               and carries with it
                                                                               a high flow of calcium
                                                                               by penetrating the
cell CA2+ attaches to calmodulin* which makes enzymes such as methyltransferase and phospholipase A2** and C2 active, which impede lipid peroxide and unsaturated fatty acid production, thus giving rise to a reaction call the Arachidonic Cascade, promoting the vitalization of cells.

*Calmodulin (CaM) is a ubiquitous, calcium-binding protein that can bind to and regulate a multitude of different protein targets, thereby affecting many different cellular functions.  Calmodulin mediates processes such as inflammation, metabolism, apoptosis, muscle contraction, intracellular movement, short-term and long-term  memory, nerve growth and the immune response.

**PhospholipaseA2 is a key enzyme involved in the release of Arachidonic acid from the cell membrane. Inhibition of PhospholipaseA2 by lipocortins results to a decrease in inflammation. PhospholipaseA2 is regulated by phosphorylation and calcium concentrations.

"Several French professors and researcher such as Professor Yves Rocard gave us the scientific basis for angstroms and our understanding of electronic fields. We know that human tissues produce radionic waves that in a healthy person are about 8500-7000 A; with poor vitality near 6300 A; while diseases are below 6300 A, and cancer is above 4200 A.

"SGES powder mixed in hot water has a radiovitality of 11,936 A at 37C [98F] and 12,312 A at 40C [104F]. Now we understand why the ESB significantly raises body energy."
- Professor Serge Jurasunas,
A Far-Infrared Ray Emitting Stone (SGES) to Treat Cancer and Degenerative Diseases, Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, June 2000
SGE - Super Growth Energy
A Rare Energy Mineral
All substances in nature emit weak. radiation that can be called growth energy, and about 90 percent of this is uranium series and thorium series radiation. In contrast, in SGE stone, a potassium series radioisotope 40K radiates energy effective to the human body. The value is 8.1�10-1q/g, which is quite high compared with those of other well-known remedial substances.

Another feature is that SGE stone/water is a high-level far-infrared radiator. The far-infrared radiation emission rate in the wavelength region of 4.0 to 24 microns is on average as high as 95 percent. While usually the wavelength of the human body with a body temperature of 37C (98.6F) equaling 9.4 microns, it is said that SGE stone emits far-infrared energy of 4 to 14 microns, called growth wavelength, and produces great energy by resonating with biological body molecules.

In addition to these features, there
is a possibility that SGE stone holds unique energy other than radioactive energy and far-infrared energy, produced by the metamorphosis in its formation processes.

In conclusion, we can maintain that SGE stone is a rare energy mineral.